5 Secret ways how to drive traffic to your website, FOR FREE!

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How to drive traffic to your website free!

In this article we will guide you How to drive traffic to your website free! So you’ve created your YouTube channel or blog and your waiting for the infamous algorithms to kick in. Further you want to make your profile stand out. And help you along the way to success, however things aren’t planning out the way you had hoped as lets face it ranking on YouTube or Google can take time and a lot of effort, but we’re here to give you 5 secret traffic sources to propel you to success and the best news is, these traffic sources are FREE! So sit back and enjoy and make sure you stick around to the end. As we’ve saved the best til last.


With 8 million and rising monthly users this Facebook type platform is a fantastic way to draw traffic to your intended target platform. Mewe.com has some awesome groups that you can search for using related search terms. Let’s say your in the Make Money Online niche, simply search that phrase in and join the groups. And immerse yourself with your target audience providing them with great content & links back to your YouTube account or Website. It’s free and easy to sign to visit www.mewe.com and let their successful platform drive you quality traffic.

the next-gen social network


Answers.com is the place people go to, to get themselves the help to their weird and wonderful questions. Almost 6.2 million monthly visitors visit this website. It’s a great platform to sign up too and search for related questions to your YouTube channel or website. And provide them with the help they need by sending them to your platform. Let’s be honest 6 million monthly users is not to be laughed at!

answer dot com


Bitchute.com is a YouTube styled platform with 33 million users all visiting to view content like yours. We suggest placing shorter video clicks on Bitchute with the link to the full video on your own YouTube or website. So that you can hook their users in with your content and then divert them to where you want them to go. This ingenious method will have your potential new subscribers wanting more and all thanks to Bitchute.com and their great platform.



If I told you that a platform that uploads PDF files for it’s users to share and use gets 82 million monthly users you would telling me I have gone nuts, but Slideshare.com is a serious site with unbelievable traffic, so once again I suggest turning your content into a PDF file with software like www.anyword.com and creating awesome articles that have hotlinks in there so, you guessed it, people once again divert back to where you want them to go to. A simple method that works time and time again and if you don’t want to create the files you can simply hire someone for cheap on www.fiverr.com to do the hard work for you.



OK we’ve saved the best til last as this platform is a monster when it comes to monthly users. Rumble.com has just short of 108 million users a month and like Bitchute it’s a video based search platform. It offers is users a slick and fun environment to watch online videos. So it’s another great platform to share some of your content and leave the viewers wanting to see the full video or article. and again link that back to where you wish to have the user on either your own youtube channel or website.

Rumble.com is an up and coming site. hich means there’s plenty of scope to get in early and mop up the competition. Here at the business club we believe that if you create great content and value for your intended audience they will naturally feel more loyal to your brand or business, remember to keep provide consistent quality and value before asking for what you want whether that be a subscribe, email address or even a purchase of what you have to offer!


We hope you’ve loved this ARTICLE and it has opened up your mind to some new platforms that can be used in your favour to gain golden FREE traffic!