How Much Is Canva Pro?

We get asked this question hundreds of times a month on our Facebook groups about Canva Pro! so we’ve decided to give you a breakdown of exactly how much canva pro costs and we’re not going to write a long post and leave you hanging we jump right in, so let’s take a look!

Canva Pro Pricing

Canva pro pricing plans come in 3 simple to understand prices ranges, you can use the FREE monthly plan with limited features or choose the Pro plan for full and unrestricted access for as little as $9.95 when you pay for the year in one go or if like us you have a larger team that needs access you can select the Canva Enterprise for $30 a month.

When it comes to design and branding you can’t put a price on an awesome piece of software like Canva as it so crucial to stand out from the crowd in 2023 and make sure your brand really shines!

Is Canva Pro Worth The Money?

In one word, YES… The Canva software is so easy to use with it’s eyecatching templates and millions of stock images to use. You will never have to pay for a creative designer to complete your art work again. I have outlined some of the benefits of upgrading to canva pro below and remember, you get what you pay for in life…

Is Canva Pricing Fair?

I personally used StoryBlocks for years until I came across a random Youtube video that pointed out. So clearly and quickly the benefits of Canva. I am not personally a whizz kid on the computer and photoshop always seemed too complex and time consuming to learn. So for $9.95 to have a software that drags and drops in place and with millions of images and videos. I do believe that canva pricing is on point if not slightly cheaper than other platforms on the market.


What exactly is Cavnva?

Canva is a powerful didital design platform for you to create stunning artwork for you to promote your business. You can also promote podcast or any image or infographic. It’s simple features allows it to be used quick and effectively and is far less complicated than other platforms on the market!

Canva is an image editing software used by tens of thousands across the globe from students, designers and business entrepreneurs alike. It’s simple drag and drop features you will have create stunning artwork in minutes and with the extra cost of having to hire a freelancer on

The software gives you the freedom to create your artwork how you want in a very quick and slick way. As an overall platform and for the price we give Canva a 9.5/10, so don’t hang around anylonger let’s get your awesome artwork underway!