Ezoic Review

Ezoic Review: The Profit-boosting Software That’s Overtaking Adsense

Ezoic is an award-winning platform that’s cause for excited whispers among publishers worldwide. Allowing, or better said, helping them to optimally shape their ad placements through a multi-varied approach spanning AI-driven data analysis. Also  SEO while hosting a monetization – it’s no surprise they’d like to keep this “pot of gold” a secret.

Revealing an even bigger secret: You don’t need any traffic to get started using Ezoic’s features to skyrocket your ad’s success and start earning big.

Why is Ezoic Becoming so Popular?

Despite being a relatively new face on the Adsense scene, Ezoic has already garnered the trust of 10,000+ online publishers who use the software to optimize ad placements on their websites for increased revenue. While we know its skyrocketing popularity has many causes, we can pinpoint three main driving forces:

  • Dedication to the satisfaction of their clients.
  • Concern for the well-being of their users bank accounts.
  • A policy of reinvestment to spur growth and creativity.

In other words, Ezoic is creating a community around itself that’s built on a self-contained cycle driven by a growth mindset.

What is Ezoic?

The world’s largest website testing and machine learning platform for websites. Ezoic enables publishers to analyze, evaluate and optimize ad placements on websites in the aim of increasing ad earnings. Also manages these great feats by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to automatically test various ad types across websites, which in turn, can be used to maximize revenue and improve user experience across all devices.

How does Ezoic Work?

Ezoic utilizes machine learning algorithms to simultaneously analyze and test thousands of different combinations of ad locations and sizes to see which works best in terms of interaction. Ezoic tailors ads per user, so the longer you have it running on your site, the better it gets.

Ezoic Review

What Can Ezoic do for you?

In a nutshell: Ezoic is designed to help you improve revenue, boost performance, and grow traffic faster, ultimately leading to more success, profits, and loyal userbase.

Delving deeper, It can slash the hours you spend on ad operations while gradually increasing profits, meaning you earn more for less – what’s not to like? You also won’t have to deal with the worry of “leaving money on the table” as their AI-driven system leaves no stone unturned by ensuring your ad strategy is shaped to your customers/visitors.

This feature comes with the added benefit of a better user experience for all of your visitors, making you look more professional, reliable, and dedicated, all of which is a perfect recipe to keep them coming back for more!

Maximize your site’s earning potential: It delivers invaluable insights about UX, user preferences, and revenue. It identifies why articles are engaging or high-earning, helping you to create more profitable content.

Improve your ranking: Using Ezoic’s Title Tag Tester, you can test and scientifically validate title tags that increase rankings in search engines.

Faster site speed: Ezoic users have access to two powerful tools that can garner more traffic with very little actual effort. With the press of a button, Leap can boost rankings by improving your Core Web Vitals.

Support: Ezoic reinvests in its customers through grants.

However, if you’re in a rush, here’s the one nugget of knowledge you need to know about Ezoic: Avg. sites see 50-250% growth in revenue and 90% YoY growth in traffic, according to their own figures.

Ezoic vs. Adsense

Is Ezoic better than Adsense?

We believe Ezoic wins out every time, not only because their platform allows website owners with fewer than 10k visitors to get in the game and even win big, but the company also has a client-based focus, offering various benefits, support, and resources that are missing from Adsense’s offerings.

Ezoic vs Adsense

Ezoic Requirements

There are few to no barriers to getting started on Ezoic. In fact, they gladly accept startup websites, meaning you can make use of their invaluable features to stimulate growth from the get-go.

That said, it’s always helpful to adhere to Google’s Publishers Policies that have plagiarized content, keyword stuffing, and invalid clicks or impressions down as a no-no.

How Much Can you Earn with Ezoic?

Ezoic earnings depend largely on how many visitors interact with not only your ads but your site as a whole. Expect your earnings to be based on your website niche. The number of ads you decide to display, time of year, traffic location, bounce rate, and pages visited per session. You tend to earn more if your website is enrolled in the Ezoic Premium program, which pays the most per thousand views.

Does Ezoic pay per click?

Not exactly. Ezoic pays $10-40 for 1,000 views on average, which is pretty huge when you consider that a well-maintained. Optimized website can land over 10,000 clicks within the first three months or so.

How do you increase your earnings on Ezoic?
  1. Use more ad placement options while testing.
  2. Allow ads to be placed above the website’s main content.
  3. Use Ezoic’s video tools to get ad income from captivating videos.
  4. Be patient and allow enough time for AI to test out various ad placements.
  5. Turn on sticky ads.
How often does Ezoic pay out?

Ezoic delves out your earnings for the previous month, every month, sometime between the 27th and 31st.

Do you have to pay for Ezoic?

This raciously serves up a free trial to all users, including all its products and many features in this offering. No payment method or commitment is required to sign-up to use this software.

However, there comes a time after 30 days that you’ll have to either relinquish your use. These website-revolutionizing features or pay $ 5.99 monthly/$ 49.99 annually for Pro Package.

Going further still, you can gain access to Premium and VIP packages. But you’ll need to be invited into the club!

The Bottom Line

Why publishers are flocking to Ezoic is no mystery. Offering a wealth of sophisticated, data-driven features, its accessible platform takes the guesswork out of ad placement. Ezoic takes an AI approach to SEO and analytics, allowing users to boost UX and site speed. While offering them the chance to enhance their ad strategy by adding videos to their sites. In other words, it’s every publisher’s best friend. You must-have if you want to stay ahead of the competition while earning big.